Empowering Our Clients

According to the LinkedIn study, the primary concern with the current workforce is the lack of communication skills. It is the #1 essential skill sought by C-level executives and for good reason. Strong communicators are more productive, engaged and empowered. This leads to higher morale, satisfaction and talent retention. V3 proudly works internationally with small to F500 companies. We help our clients strategize their communication and win through structure and a proven methodology. We upskill your talent through top of class training, coaching and mentorship.

We founded V3 to empower our clients to deliver confidently and persuasively. By utilizing their new skillset, they will achieve their goals and leave their mark.


Chris Gausselin (Principal) has consulted for over 20 years in over 20 countries as a communication strategist and coach. Working closely with clients and understanding their needs, he has designed curriculum and delivered live training to thousands of business professionals worldwide.

Chris and his team at V3 have helped clients write, direct and coach keynotes, plenaries, and pitches. Recently V3 prepared a CFO to position their company at the premier investors conference in their sector. The pitch and investor meetings resulted in a successful +1bil acquisition.

Chris has directed and performed internationally with award-winning theatre companies in the US, Ireland, UK and Russia. He is a graduate of the acclaimed National Theater School of Ireland and the University of Illinois at Chicago. He is a member of the Screen Actors Guild.

He is also the director of Boulder Story Lab, a performance company that strives to amplify the voices of kids and adults in Boulder Colorado.

He is a proud board member of the Jack Jablonski Foundation and Boulder Hockey Club.

Engagement Approach

  • Our learning and development strategy begins with your desired outcome.
  • We work very closely with our clients to understand the communication opportunities and objectives of each individual. This is accomplished by an analysis and a pre-training participant survey.
  • V3 takes the data and designs a tailored curriculum to overcome the challenges identified by the client. This curriculum will also include recommendations by V3.
  • We set a roadmap for a successful outcome: Timeline, location and type of training (live, virtual or blended).
  • We use this road map to execute an energized, experiential, situational and transformative session for your talent.
  • Post engagement, V3 will distribute a course assessment to participants that details training value, opportunities and how they plan to apply their new skills at work.


V3 helps your participants new communication skills stick with:

  • Muscle memory – The active repetition of our experiential exercises not only drive the key points home but will allow participants to inherently deliver with their new skill set.
  • Specific simulations and situations– Our coaching and training sessions will culminate with a communication scenario that participants face in their actual role.
  • Video Playback- Participants will have strengths and gaps clearly communicated to them using video feedback and analysis.
  • Feedback– Our instructor will deliver live feedback and corrective coaching to minimize poor habits and establish new behaviors.
  • Post training assessment and game plan – Clients can option to have reports written on participants’ growth and needed areas of focus.
  • Post Session follow ups and Advanced Training- Hold a quarterly session where participants are quickly reminded of communication keys and work on more advanced communication skills.

V3’s Methodology

The strongest speakers balance credibility, logic, and emotion to connect and influence decision makers. Aristotle called his system the Rhetorical Triangle and these appeals of persuasion are just as powerful today as they were 2,300 years ago. To effectively deliver their message, the speaker must expertly use their voice and body language to move the emotional needle of their audience. Our method elegantly blends Aristotle’s model, proven coaching and delivery techniques designed for the modern executive.

A proud supporter of The Jack Jablonski Foundation