The skill set that sets you apart

The Executive Triad

1. Persuasive Delivery

A great idea without impactful delivery is an idea never realized. Own the message and influence stakeholders in meetings, presentations, pitches, and conferences.

2. Q & A

Delivery establishes your expertise, however, the manner in which you answer tough questions from your audience establishes your credibility for better or worse.

3. Impactful Storytelling

Stories galvanize, inspire, and motivate listeners to action. Their power is well documented. Don’t just present data, tell its story.

Foundational Components

Executive Foundation

A strong foundation is imperative for great communication. Controlling nerves, your body language and voice can make or break your message. V3 will improve your instruments of communication.

Communication Strategy

Learn 3 classical, time-tested tactics to persuade your audience, bring them to your side and achieve your goals.

Design Structure

Learn Cicero’s Roadmap, the most effective arrangement to deliver clear, persuasive presentations.

Preparation Technique

Professional speakers use a process to authentically deliver a message live or virtually. By using V3‘s rehearsal cycle, we give you the game plan you need to take your talk from good to incredible.